Rising Phoenix

Capital of state of Arizona, Phoenix is also known as “The Valley of the Sun”. The city grew exponentially since the early 60’s due to its successful electronics industry. Phoenix is home to 4 of the Fortune 500 Companies like the electronics developer and manufacturer Anvet. The company is the largest distributor of electronic components in United States. Anvet also specialises in IC programming and electronics marketing. Anvet is one of globally acclaimed companies supplying IT solutions, electronics components and computer solutions for enterprises

Revolutionizing the computer industry

The invention of semiconductors and electronic motherboards allowed for the development of air-conditioners, which allowed the hot and unforgiving environment of Phoenix to be further developed. Businesses in the Valley of the Sun prospered and the oncoming electronics industry was developing as never before seen.

Computer technology makes up about 20% of Phoenix’s economy which is by far more than any technologically oriented city in Arizona. One of the most recognised companies called Honeywell Aerospace Division has its headquarters based in Phoenix. The company is known for providing engineering and aerospace services to many high-tech business all around the globe. Honeywell Aerospace Division manufacturers high-end tech equipment like sensors, security alarms and air-conditioners.


Breaking milestones in what’s possible

Phoenix is home to multiple mechanical and electronics companies making it very rich in hardware and software knowledge. Intel (http://www.intel.com/), one of the world’s largest semiconductor maker has one of their largest offices located here that employs over 12.000 people. The city is served by Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport that is equipped with the latest state of the air technology like computer controlled air-condition, touch-screen information panels and precise airplane tracking software and hardware.

Phoenix is attracting many hardware and software developers from around the world due to its “tech-friendly” community. One of the latest companies that joined the city’s bustling high-tech environment is DoubleDutch (http://doubledutch.me/), a marketing company based in San Francisco that utilizes the latest and greatest software marketing applications on phones, tablets and other devices. Other successful companies like Uber (https://www.uber.com/), the famous smartphone app developer has moved their offices here. Uber is worldwide known for their Uber application which users can download on their smartphones and request or submit a ride.


A new revolution in computer GPS tracking technology was brought to the market by a company called GPS Insight. The technology invention was in the form of advanced software and hardware that allowed companies to track their own vehicle movement via GPS system. This enabled large companies that move a lot of valuable items like laptops, hard drives, smartphones etc… to precisely track the movement of their deliveries. This has allowed further growth among many new and rising tech businesses in Phoenix as hardware resources are now easier to track and keep note of.

Data recovery – A must in today’s world

These days almost every electrical device has memory where we save our favourite pictures, music, spreadsheets, emails and so on. While all of these devices get better and more reliable in terms of technology, they are, and always will be in danger of breaking down or locking up. Laptops, desktop computers, servers, USB key, SSDs are just some of the many storage media technology we use today. Hard drives are for instance very susceptible to mechanical failure which means that at some point we are unable to access our data. SSDs on the other hand have no moving mechanical parts, but they have a limited amount of data read/writes which can lead us stranded and unable to use the device if we exceed that limit. All storage mediums are very susceptible to environmental hazards, like for instance if we accidentally drop a hard drive it might stop working because of the physical shock it received. This is why data recovery keeps Phoenix going and operating with the highest efficiency no matter what.


The giant concentration of companies whether be technical, software, mechanical or other in nature, data recovery services are an important aspect of today’s digital world. Phoenix is home to some of the most advanced data recovery companies in United States. Data lost on iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktop computers, and even complicated RAID setups like RAID 5 can be rescued. If you happen to find yourself in Phoenix be sure to check out data recovery companies that suit your needs.

Internet security

Today’s online world is full of dangers when we connect to it. This is especially true for companies that host websites and heaps of important content that can be accessed if somebody punches through the administrator login security screen. Cyber security in the form of software that we install may protect our personal computers and other devices like smartphones but can’t protect the websites that (usually) have their own security. Protecting a website is complicated and many companies in Phoenix offer services that enable extra layers of security for websites and their content.

Phoenix has a huge number of startup events happening every week in connection to new technology. It is one of the most active cities to have startup companies dealing in hardware, cyber security, web applications and other tech gadgetry and inventions take place. In Phoenix many experiences leaders in today’s technology world’s help our small starting companies making it one of the friendliest tech communities in United States. The famous internet transaction service PayPal is setting shop here along with companies like the Weebly which is a hugely popular online website creator and Zenefits the cloud-based human and resource company.


Phoenix is the place to be when it comes to innovation and computer technology. Combining best of the both worlds, Phoenix technology boom is more present than ever. The huge collection of the world’s largest firms like Intel, PayPal and Anvet shows the potential the city holds. Phoenix is the new technological hub of Arizona specialising in many different branches like web design and hosting, cyber security, hardware and software development and data recovery services.